Why is Mihaibao a great way to sell to China?

Mihaibao is the world's first Western marketplace made for Chinese consumers seeking luxury and unique products from the West.

China has a growing middle class reaching 360 million people by 2016, seeking for foreign high quality and unique products. Neighbouring countries struggle to cope with the consumer demand in China. Western merchants have the supply but often do not understand Chinese culture, behaviour and taste. Translation of websites and products into Chinese is not market adaptation. Too many Western merchants do not want to compromise on their branding distributing products through local Chinese platforms, as their products will be displayed next to heavily discounted Chinese and counterfeited products. Mihaibao solves these problems, by specialising in curation, creation and promotion of only Western products and content in ways loved by Chinese consumers.

Mihaibao is a company funded by the UK Government and world-class investors behind the Alibaba Group and YOOX-Net-A-Porter Group, and backed by the UK Royal Family and PayPal.

How could your company join Mihaibao?

It is easy and cost nothing to open a store on Mihaibao. On Mihaibao, your company can sell to Chinese consumers without shipping capabilities to China, hiring an in-house China team, or setting up an office in China. Mihaibao has a dedicated Partnership Team that studies your brand and products after you submit the form below. Once you have been invited to join Mihaibao, our team will setup a meeting to on-board your company. We together refine the communication of your brand story and positioning in Chinese. Mihaibao maintains a superior customer experience and trust by working closely with your company, expanding your business presence in China. We earn a commission when we sell your products.

Mihaibao is your China expert, making it easy and risk-free for your company to serve an online market demand worth of $161 billion in sales by 2018.

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